Experience The Difference

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Kerri Adams and John Adams are a mother-son real estate team that is continuing a tradition of professional excellence in Orange County begun by Kerri’s mother, Kathie Peterson, over 40 years ago. They share more than 30 years of combined real estate experience and a well-defined set of family values that govern their dealings with clients and colleagues alike, making the experience of buying or selling a home with them extraordinary.

Kerri’s mother became a Realtor® when Kerri was only 10 years old. Kerri loved helping out by distributing flyers in the South Orange County neighborhoods where Kathie did business and playing hostess at open houses. “I started learning really young, and I loved it,” Kerri says. After she graduated from UCLA, Kerri obtained her real estate license in 1988, and teamed up with her mom. “I learned so much from her,” she continues. “I know so many agents in this area because I grew up with them, and they all respect my mom.”

John says real estate really got his attention when he was 16. In his senior year of high school, he had the foresight and dedication to begin taking courses at local Saddleback College, so that he was a licensed Realtor® by the time he turned 19. Rather than going to work with Kerri right away, he went out on his own for the first year and began networking and refining his real estate education. Today, in addition to working in real estate full-time, John is a senior completing his bachelor’s degree in business communications at Arizona State University online.

The traditional values of customer service and communication remain the focus of the Adams Team. They want every client to feel like they are the only client. When clients hire the Adams Team, they get the people behind the name. Both Kerri and John make a practice of showing up together for every listing appointment and every open house. They are available to clients every day and around the clock, ready to answer questions or deliver updates, because they take pride in delivering on what they promise.

Kerri’s success through all kinds of markets gives her a perspective that can only come with experience. “Our ultimate goal is to sell our clients home and help our buyers find the right home,” she says. “When someone hires you, it’s your job to get their home sold; you can’t blame anyone else. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get it done. With my experience I can pretty much handle any real estate scenario that comes up.”
John’s youthful energy and familiarity with technology are tremendous contributions to the partnership. He is making the most of the technological assets at Realty ONE Group, and leveraging social media and digital marketing to drive sales. John explains, “The industry has changed so much, so when Kerri and I teamed up, the first thing I focused on was establishing a great website and building our Zillow reviews. Now when people search our name, they find us. Most people who visit our open houses find us through online resources. The courses I’m taking in college have really opened my eyes to things we can implement in our business. It’s a great benefit of continuing my education while I’m working.”

Together, Kerri and John are brilliant at marketing and hosting open houses. Due to their advanced advertising and online exposure, they commonly have 50 people walk through a home, in contrast with the average of five to 10 visitors, and they have recently sold several properties at the first open house. “It’s all about creating frenzy at the open house so the perception is this is a hot property,” John says.

As long-time residents of South Orange County, Kerri and John are also dedicated to making their community an even better place for everyone to live. They support numerous causes and are always eager to get involved when people ask for help and support. John states, “My aunt started a small dog rescue that is a huge success called Lovebugs Rescue.” In addition, he has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity through college. He continues, “The experience was one I will never forget and would like to be a part of in the future.”

This multigenerational family team truly lives up to their motto: Experience the Adams Team Difference. According to Kerri, “We believe our service separates us from a lot of agents out there. It’s very important to read your clients and understand their needs. Buying or selling a home can be very stressful. Often clients are experiencing a major change in their life, and they need to be treated with compassion. We truly care, and we want them to know we are here for them.”